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Annuals - Annuals usually bloom all summer. They grow to maturity in one year, producing as much seed as possible from many, many flowers, and then die. WE grow most of these from seed.

Specialty Annuals - Specialty annuals are plants which are usually not grown from seeds, but from cuttings. Commonly used in baskets and planters. Most are sourced from around the globe.

Edibles - The most local food is the food you grow yourself. Eat well and grow healthy!

Perennials - Perennials are plants which will live more than one year. They usually bloom for about three weeks, then set seed. They do not usually set as much seed as an annual; they use their energy to establish themselves so they can bloom again the next year.

Shrubs & Roses - Most shrubs occupy a larger space in the garden making them a lower maintenance choice for many gardeners.

Succulents - Low maintenance - low water - low worry.